69. Mosbacher Kolloquium - "Synthetic Biology - from Understanding to Application"

March 22- 24, 2018

Meet the Prof

Once again...

...the Junior GBM will organize the established event "Meet the Prof" with distinguished speakers from science and research.

In an informal atmosphere you will get the chance to ask the questions which keep you up at night - e.g. how do i make a career in science? Did the speaker have fun on his/her scientific path and which experiences were decisive? You are welcome to join and ask further questions.

Session I

Guest: Wendel Lim /San Francisco [US]

Date & Location:
Thursday, March 30, 12.00
Room Schalander

For students only.
A registration is required.

Session II

Guest: Peter Hegemann /Berlin [DE]

Date & Location:
Friday, March 31, 12.00
Room Darre

For students only.
A registration is required.