69. Mosbacher Kolloquium - "Synthetic Biology - from Understanding to Application"

March 22- 24, 2018

Satellite Symposium "Systems Biology meets Synthetic Biology"


Wednesday, March 21, 2018
13:00 - 17:00

Registration fees (only for the satellite sysmposium):

Academia: 50 €
PhD students: 35 €
Bachelor/Master students: 25 €

Please register for the satellite by choosing the corresponding option on the registration portal for the Kolloquium.  

The satellite symposium is organised by DECHEMA working group on systems and synthetic biology.


Steffen Klamt (Magdeburg):
Model-driven engineering of E. coli for itaconic acid production

Katharina Nöh (Jülich):
Simplicity vs. Complexity: Model Selection in Systems Biology and the Role of Ockham's Razor

Jörg Stelling (Zurich):
Multi-Scale Models for Synthetic Circuit Design

Andreas Kremling (Munich):
A quantitative approach to metabolic burden


Edda Klipp (Berlin):
Systematic integration of models and data for yeast growth and division

Matthias Heinemann (Groningen):
Flux controls flux

Ralf Takors (Stuttgart): E. coli HGT:
The result of systems biology studies investigating large-scale impacts